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Wishes For All Seasons - 2022

We wish you:

Loving in all the right places

snowflake kisses in sweet breathy seconds

a present in the unwrapping of life everyday

greenshoots of new ideas in the spring

feathering on antlers under autumnal moons

a summer of singing inside and out

buckets of daffodils under bright chirpy windows

images that please as well as they tease

discovery in every inch of a body

a body to love and to taste and to hold

wings of an angel on the back of someone you least expect

books that engage and invite you to devour

a pulse you can feel in the loudest of rooms

rain when you're thirsty

sheets to cover both of you

feathers to fall on after the race

silk to caress your face

the gentleness of firm fingers to massage your scalp

a wish box that keeps generating wishes

dreams scented with delicacies only you can imagine

diamonds and gold as you open your eyes

money in the bank and food on the table

pearls instead of tears and rubies instead of pain

pleasure in the smallest of things

a rocket full of candy

a pocket full of cookies

fish on a line that you bait

opportunity nets for catching like butterflies

hopes that are met with reality outcomes

lovers who treasure the treasures within you

beautiful monsters to eat up your enemies

a quest for the grail of your choice

love of distant lands

magic and beauty in nature around you

wealth and income from unusual and interesting sources

horses of thunder to carry you over the seas

sensuality in abundance

a quiet ecstasy of grace in the light of unutterable beauty

contradictions that challenge and raise you up

celestial knowledge that drops from the stars as you sleep

perception beyond that which you already have

poplars to shade you as the sun beats down

composure and poise in the face of ugliness

serenity in the treat that chocolate cake affords

hair that only grows where it should

a heart peppered with shots of excitement

the desire to find more and to search without hesitation

mysterious games that lead to pleasure

whispers of camaraderie in silent empty rooms

tubes of paint that never run dry

cameras that can both tell the truth and lie

evolution of your space inside your mind

giggles and laughter until your sides split

piquant invitations to midnight trysts

ghosts to bring your courage

mountains that are scalable

a life full of adventure with dragons and friends

boxes of surprises mostly good

adversity to overcome to make you feel stronger

poetry that slips from the lips of your lover

a blaze of inspiration that does not burn your toes

the songs of gypsies to inspire you

words on a page that woo you

divinity in the way you worship

ambiguity in anything that confuses you

happy obsessions that exclude no one close

heaven springing from within all things

tactile sensations that tickle and enrich the fabric of your heart

architectural curves that bring tears of joy every time

scarves that flutter like eyelashes from yesterday

fairy tales that only ever have a happy ending

and always, a roof over your head, good wine to drink and a song in your heart every day

Text: JL Nash © December 2021

Images: Predrag Pajdic © 2021

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