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A Magnificent Antique Italian Creche Angel From Naples, 1800'S

A Magnificent Antique Italian Creche Angel From Naples, 1800'S

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This is a truly magnificent antique Italian creche angel from Naples that dates from the end of the 19th century - early 20th century. Discovered recently [with another angel from the same maker] this remarkable angel is made of masterfully crafted terracotta [face, arms, legs, wings]. The eyes are made of glass. The arms and the legs are attached to the body with strong wires that allows them to be placed in a desired position. The angel wears a robe and a sash made of a fabric that gives it a certain movement, as if the angel is in flight. These kind of angels have been created in artistic studios of Naples since the 18th century [and even earlier] as an important part of the famed Neapolitan "presepe" or the Nativity scene with highly realistic figures. This exceptional angel is a great representation of this artistic tradition from the South of Italy. The angel measures about 45 x 32 x 14 cm or approximately 17.7 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches. It is in lovely antique condition with minor signs of ageing mainly seen in patina on the robes. The angel is exactly as I discovered it. For the full condition please refer to the images!


    45 x 32 x 14 cm or 17.7 x 12.5 x 5.5 inches 


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