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Let beauty feed the soul!

I am a lover of beauty. And beauty comes in many shapes and forms. What excites me tremendously is to curate and offer here some of the most remarkable treasures I have discovered around the globe - true treasures found often hidden in dusty corners of old antique shops and market stalls or attics of deserted castles and estates, timeworn, faded and lost only to be rediscovered again - I call it a reincarnation of beauty!

It takes time, energy, skill and patience to discover and obtain such treasures as I am only interested in magnificent and outstanding antiques of astonishing beauty. Being qualified in Art History I am extremely selective and knowledgeable when it comes to curate the items for my shop. I also aim to offer these exceptional finds for competitive prices that otherwise would cost much more if acquired elsewhere. 

I am grateful to all those who stop by and I sincerely hope that you may find something to your liking and desire.

                                                                                            Welcome to my Treasure Cabinet!

                                                                                                                             Predrag Pajdic

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