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A Remarkable Antique Baroque Annunciation, Wood Carved Panel, 1700's

A Remarkable Antique Baroque Annunciation, Wood Carved Panel, 1700's

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This is a truly remarkable Baroque treasure that dates from the 18th century or even earlier. Discovered recently in Germany, this ancient wood carving is exquisite in its timeworn beauty as well as the meaning of the sacred story that it illustrates. The Archangel Gabriel makes the announcement, heralding the birth of the Christ to Mary, symbolically depicted with the white dove and rays of light holding a little baby within. The breathtaking beauty of this antique tableau is enhanced - in my opinion - due to a stunning distressed patina created by the passage of time. The work is carved from one piece of wood that could easily be hung on a wall if desired. It measures about 25 x 38 x 4 cm or approximately 10 x 15 x 1.5 inches and it is in lovely antique condition considering its age. The fascinating patina is found in the subtle tones of blue, pink and some traces of gold. It is exactly as I discovered it. For the full condition please refer to the images!


    25 x 38 x 4 cm or 10 x 15 x 1.5 inches


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