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October When it Drizzles

Oh how I love the change of a season that always brings refreshed energy and optimism. As much as I am devoted to summer whilst spending most of my time in the tranquillity of my garden, at this time of the year I am looking very much forward to moving indoors. There is a certain peace that comes with the rain and as the days become shorter and with a gentle chill in the morning breeze I rejoice in this autumnal progression.

As true serenity comes from within one’s soul, the real bliss draws from the comfort of a home, that brings ease, contentment and happiness. And as somebody once said “a house is made of walls and beams while a home is built with love and dreams”, I can’t help but indulge in the playful reinvention of my home so that it will bring all the joy and cosiness for months to come. At this time imagination elevates to the highest degrees of true creativity.

As long as playfulness is involved creating a magnificent home should be a delightful task. Simply rearranging a few treasured possessions could breathe new life into one’s surroundings. A simple pumpkin on the porch, flowers in a vase or a twinkle of a candle will always please greatly one’s soul. So unleash the magician from within and see your home as an artist would a blank canvas, because in life, as in art, one longs for beauty.

Beauty is a powerful force that vibrates on the higher resonance of exuberance. Make your home a playground, while having fun and joy in creating, curating, rearranging, editing… or even better, imagine it as an awe-inspiring theatre stage where you are the playwright, the director, the main character, and the stage designer all at the same time.

Wishing you all a glorious October,


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