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Setting Up The Dinner Table

When it comes to dinner parties a table set up is as important as the food one serves. In my books, every evening meal should be a delightful affair regardless of having guests around or having it just on your own. A beautiful plate and silverware will make a simple omelette taste like a memorable five star meal. As they say, a little effort goes a long way so be the king - or the queen - of your own castle. You are the playwright of your own life so enhance it by creating beauty whenever you can.

One thing I have learned while living in France is to appreciate life through all of the senses. By slowing down and living in the present we make every moment count. A gloriously set up dining table is as important for a great meal as a fantastic stage set is for an unforgettable theatre play. A delicious meal should bring true pleasure and what better way to do it but by styling your table in a way that will energise you after a long day by bringing excitement, adventure and joy. Beauty comes in many shapes, forms and tastes. By creating it we all become artists, the creators of our sublime dreams and spellbinding moments worth remembering.

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