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A Treasure Hunt in September

After a two months summer break antique fairs are back in the South of France. At the beginning of September I went to Beziers, a gorgeous city that normally hosts - once a month - a great gathering of antique merchants from across Europe. And at the crack of dawn, when the sun is barely out, the unpacking of the latest treasures starts for the excited masses of adrenaline loaded hunters.

I could barely sleep the night before, thrilled by the thoughts of what I might discover amongst the riches of it all. And after so many years of treasure hunting it only gets more exhilarating as time goes on. Perhaps this feeling comes with a true enthusiasm and joy that this profession presents. Really, I never considered it as “work” but a manifested dream that is filled with the greatest passion.

Once the gates finally open and the crowds of eager hunters rush in, all the fun begins. It is a marathon run of who will spot a treasure first and make the deal, a fast thinking adventure with no second thoughts as there is always somebody behind you waiting to grab a missed opportunity.

I’ve trained myself to spot a “masterpiece” amongst an opulence of dusty jewels with the speed of light. And by now I have a few favourite dealers that I can trust and rely on fully as they often have on offer treasures that speak to my heart. Here are a few images I managed to grab while catching a breath or two at my last forge around an abundance of beauty and delight.

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn!


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