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Sacred is the Heart that Loves!

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Once in a dream a being of light came to me, letting me know that: "Sacred is the heart that loves!" I was a young boy than, yet somehow that sentence have remained with me forever. Many years later when I started travelling across the globe I became aware of the Sacred Heart, a glorious flaming symbol of love that could be found in many museums, churches, homes, castles and even palaces of the world, and referenced in endless books, engravings, sculptures and paintings.

While visiting Italy in my early 20's I found a majestic silver Heart adorned with playful cherubs amongst flowers. On the Herat were the ornate letters PGR, denoting to "Per Grazia Ricevuta", a message of gratitude translated as " For Grace Received". Little would I know that this precious Heart would become the corner stone of my antique collection, collecting became my passion and my passion turned into my profession.

As time went on I learned of ex-votos or small objects made as votive offerings to a saint or to a divinity often created as a flaming Sacred Heart, sometimes made of metals such as copper or brass and at times of sterling silver and even gold bewejelled with precious stones and pearls. Regardless of their substance these Sacred Hearts profoundly reminded me of love and its ever lasting power that could bring miraculous healing to a broken heart. The Heart also represents a token of gratitude for the prayers being heard. This is why many chapels or pilgrimage shrines are decorated with Sacred Hearts where many seek grace or wish to give thanks.

Regardless of one's believes and spiritual conotations the Heart will always represent LOVE in its full glory and splendour. And for me, as I am sitting in my home in the South of France while writing this [or just thinking loud] I can't help but be grateful to that magnificent angel who once said in a dream to a little boy "Sacred is the Heart that Loves!"


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